Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Here Are 11 Ways to Reuse Them around the House




We all know the main purpose of toilet papers, so after finishing one most of us throw the empty toilet paper roll away in the trash, without a second thought. However, you can use them for many other interesting and practical purposes.

In this post, you’ll find 11 ideas how to reuse your toilet paper rolls, and once you see them you won’t throw them away as easily as before.

1. Little Garage for Toy Cars


This is a brilliant idea if your child has tons of toy cars scattered throughout your home. Use as much toilet rolls as you like, and make this perfect and neat toy car garage.

2. Decorative Mirror


Make this beautiful art mirror to bring some decoration to your walls. All you need to do is spray the paper roll in the desired color, and once it dries to cut it into ¼ of an inch loops. Glue them together in the pattern presented on the image. The last part is to glue them around the mirror. See the full step-by-step tutorial.

3. Desk organizer



This neat stationary organizer will store all of your pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies.

Just spray the paper rolls in the desired color, and glue them to a piece of cardboard.

4. Seed Starter

Another awesome idea is using toilet paper rolls as seed starters.

The reason is because cardboard will degrade and decompose in the soil, allowing the plant to grow and blossom.

You can find more information about this interesting idea at GardenTheRapy.


5. Bird Feeder


Birds will thank you for this idea. To make a bird feeder from a toilet paper roll you need that, some peanut butter and some bird seeds. Cover the roll with butter, and then coat with seeds.

6. Nature-Inspired Pencil Holder


To create a pencil holder like the one on the image, glue some twigs around a toilet paper roll.

7. Organize Your Yarn


To keep your yarn in once place, wrap it around a toilet paper roll.

8. Organize Your Cords


To keep your cords neat and organized, put them in a toilet paper roll, and you won’t even have to untangle them.

9. Organize Your Scarfs


If you have a lot of scarves, this is a great idea to store them organized. Roll them up and put them inside toilet paper rolls. Keep the rolls with the scarfs in a drawer.

10. Store Wrapping Paper


To prevent your wrapping paper unravel, secure it with a toilet paper roll as shown on the image.

11. Make A Simple, Elegant Gift Container



As long as you have toilet paper, you have the material to make a unique gift container. Empty toilet paper rolls make great gift containers for jewelry, or any other small gift.

Do you like these creative ideas? If you think of any other way to use an empty toilet paper roll, feel free to share in comments.

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