6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Chronic Tonsillitis

(HealthAndLovePage) Tonsillitis is a purulent inflammation of the tonsils, usually caused by a bacterial infection. This condition can be easily recognized since it leads to formation of dotted, yellowish-whitish deposits of pus at the reddened and swollen tonsils. This inflammation usually starts with increased body temperature, headaches and difficulties while swallowing.

Although people suffering from tonsillitis usually get better after one week, there are cases when both adults and children can’t get rid of this unpleasant occurrence for a longer period of time or this condition keeps returning. This condition is known as chronic tonsillitis.
Chronic TonsillitisIf this condition is left untreated, sufferers can expect frequent headaches, loss of appetite, chills, bad breath, throat pain and even hair loss. Doctors often recommend surgical treatment in order to remove this problem permanently, but there are few natural remedies that are worth trying before choosing surgery.

Chronic Tonsillitis Natural Treatments

1. Use Salt Water

Many people claim that the easiest way to eliminate chronic tonsillitis is to use salt water. The procedure is very simple – gargle a mixture of water and small amount of salt. In cases of chronic tonsillitis it is a good idea to use warm water. Gargle with this mixture 2-3 times a day. Even if the tonsillitis is not eliminated completely, this natural remedy will surely ease the pain and reduce the symptoms.

2. Use onion juice

Another simple and very effective home remedy that can help you in case you are dealing with chronic tonsillitis is onion juice. Cut the onion into pieces and take several pieces of onions. Extract their juice. Pour the juice in lukewarm water and gargle. Make sure that the mixture has reached the throat.

3. Ginger can be helpful too

Just like in the case of onion, use some ginger in order to extract its juice. Pour the juice in warm water and add one teaspoon of lemon to improve the effects. This mixture needs to be gargled 2 or 3 times a day. It is important to perform this procedure once in the morning. This ginger ale recipe is another natural remedy for chronic pain, migraine headaches and inflammations.

4. Use vegetable juice

This juice should include cucumbers, beets and carrots. Since this vegetable juice is a little bit “heavy” you should have one glass a day. This should be enough to start feeling better.

5. Use a mixture made of lemon, pepper and salt

This is another excellent home remedy that can help you ease the pain from chronic tonsillitis. Use one lemon to extract its juice and add it in a glass of warm water. Add a pinch of black pepper and pinch of salt in the glass and mix them well. The results will be visible right away.

6. Use chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is used for many health problems and in the past people used it in cases of tonsillitis too. Prepare a tea made from fresh leaves of chamomile and drink the tea while it’s still hot (of course, the temperature of the tea should not cause you problems to your throat). Some people claim that ginger tea and mint tea are helpful in situations like this.

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