Eat 5 Walnuts, Wait 4 Hours and Here is What Will Happen To You!


A recent research has confirmed that eating about handful of walnuts every day results in excellent protection against almost any heart problem including heart disease. Intake of walnuts on a regular basis will provide lasting protection.

The team behind this research has also found that walnuts have the ability to stabilize cholesterol levels and improve the flexibility of blood vessels which ultimately means that they support good blood circulation.

These results were visible only four hours after people took nut oil or nuts.

Eating Walnuts and Cardiovascular Diseases

The research confirms that intake of walnuts on a regular basis can prevent the emergence of cardiovascular diseases.

This class of diseases involves the blood vessels and heart.

According to Dr. Penny Kris Etherton, a professor of nutrition at the reputable Penn State University in Pennsylvania, by consuming a handful of walnuts or similar amount of walnut oil for four days in seven days, people can radically lower the chances of developing heart disease.

This is the first scientific study that was able to determine the exact ingredient found in walnuts that is responsible for most of its healing properties.

Don’t forget that eating 51 grams or three tablespoons of walnut oil can do wonders for your blood vessels in just four hours.

Eat 5 Walnuts Wait 4 Hours and Here is What Will Happen To You

The coherence of endothelial cells can benefit the most from walnut oil. These cells are responsible for lining the blood vessels and they play a significant role in the vessels’ flexibility.

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