Drinking Wine at Bedtime Can Help You Lose Weight




(HealthAndLovePage) In case you are trying to lose weight, there is a great chance that you will feel the need to eat snacks before you go to bed at some point. When you feel this craving, try to replace the unhealthy snacks with a glass of wine.

A study that was conducted not while ago, has shown that having a glass of wine can help any individual’s weight loss efforts. This sounds great, right?

According to Linda Monk, drinking a small glass of wine at night for four weeks in a row helped her lose about 6 pounds. Linda said that drinking wine has stopped her bad habit of having junk food and snacks before bedtime and suppressed her appetite.Drinking Wine at Bedtime Can Help You Lose WeightWe don’t have to point out that a small glass of wine is the limit that you should stick to. It is interesting that wine is packed with fewer calories than most snacks. This is a list of snacks and their calorie value compared to wine.

  • Glass of white wine – 120 calories; fat – 0 g
  • Glass of red wine – 135 calories; fat – 0 g
  • Ice cream (one cup with Breyer’s mint chocolate chip) – 300 calories; fat – 16 g
  • Slice of cake – 235 calories; fat – 10.5 g
  • Cool Ranch Doritos (between 10 and 15 chips or 1 ounce) – 150 calories; fat – 8 g

Keep in mind that being moderate is the best practice. There is no need to drink more than one glass of wine.

As a matter of fact, drinking too much wine or alcohol in general can have a negative impact on your sleeping habits.

If you follow these tips you will soon witness the effects on your body.

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