Dr. Love: Horoscope for Life




Up till 2013, I bet you have been disappointed at least once; you have had at least one break up; you have cried at least one tear… Mars didn’t like you at all; Jupiter was mad at you; Venus forgot your name when she had invented happiness in couple…

Don’t worry! 2014 will change things a lot. Here comes Dr.Love to solve all your problems. Stars and planets will be on your side from now on, because Dr. Love doesn’t come alone. No, no…His assistant, Mr. Kiss is his escort.

Aha! Mr. Passion, his dear friend is coming, also. They are all coming to town and are not planning to leave. All you need to do is let Dr. Love to make a good diagnosis – weather Mr. Kiss has to do only one intervention or several will be necessary. I bet you consider yourself a ”lost case in love” and even from the start you put yourself in the category ”several- kiss-intervention’’

But, be careful! Mr. Pride is also here. In fact, he always is. Don’t let him take the floor for a second because, here will come the end of your relationship for good. Anyway, Dr. Love has the last word. Who he cures, stays sane forever. Our prognosis is that Dr. Love will make happiness be your horoscope sign for lifetime.

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