Say Goodbye to Diabetes without Any Medications and Any Special Effort – Recipe




Diabetes is one of the most common diseases nowadays. It’s a lifelong condition resulting from the body’s inability to use and store the form of sugar called insulin.

This metabolic disorder affects the way the human body uses digested food for energy. Sugars and starches, or carbohydrates from many foods are broken down into glucose by the digestive tract, and this form of sugar enters your bloodstream.

The hormone insulin, produced in the pancreas, helps the absorption and use of glucose for energy. So, if your body is not able to produce enough insulin, or use it effectively, it will lead to diabetes.

Anyone can develop diabetes, as there are many factors that can cause this health condition. Some of them are obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, and the major one – genetics.

The risk of diabetes increases as we get older, so people over the age of 40, especially if they are overweight, have more chances of developing this disease. Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes in adolescents is becoming a more and more common health problem.

This is primarily due to the inactive lifestyle followed by an unhealthy diet in most adolescents nowadays.

Although there’s no cure for this lifelong health problem, there is a way to control it and thus lead a normal life.

You can try this natural remedy before you go with insulin shots, but if you are already taking it, try to lower the amount and stimulate the function of your pancreas.

This homemade remedy will flush out the excess fluid from your system and normalize the blood sugar levels in your body. All you need is just two simple ingredients that can be found in most kitchens right now.

Required Ingredients:

  • A leek with roots,
  • A two-liter bottle of mineral water.


Wash the leek with roots thoroughly. Then, empty about 2oz of the bottle with mineral water and put the washed leek with the roots in the bottle. Leave it there for 24 hours. After this period, drink the water from the bottle throughout the whole day. Prepare another dosage once you finish the first one.

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