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Are you after liquid gold? You should rather be looking for liquid silver! To be more specific, you should be using colloidal silver. It is made through electrolysis for suspending pure, metallic elemental silver within distilled water. It has been in use for centuries for treating various kinds of ailments.

Modern medicine hasn’t yet embraced the health benefits of colloidal silver, but an increasing body of studies has shown that this tonic must be a part of your medicine cabinet if you are a natural living enthusiast.

So what are the miraculous benefits of colloidal silver that make it a must-have? Here are 15 wonderful benefits and applications of this substance. You will also learn key points on what to look out for when you shop for this healing silver product.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

1. Fighting Inflammation

The topical application of colloidal silver helps in getting relief from discomfort and pain due to inflammation and swelling. It can help in speeding up healing and supports recovery.

The researchers from the National Institutes of Health conducted a study on how colloidal silver affects skin inflammation in pigs. The researchers found that the animals which received treatment using silver underwent almost complete recovery in 72 hours. The other subjects had their skin remaining inflamed.

2. Anti-Everything

Another health benefit of colloidal silver is that it is an amazing natural antibiotic because it has antimicrobial properties. Interestingly, this is something that has been known for a long time. The Greeks and Romans have been using silver for preserving their foods and drinks.

It is effective in killing viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections.

According to research conducted in 2011, colloidal silver nanoparticles can work as a highly effective alternative to traditional antifungal treatments meant for Candida-based conditions.

According to another study in Taiwan, colloidal silver is capable of eradicating Pseudomonas aeruginosa and MRSA (these are antibiotic-resistant superbugs). The substance’s effectiveness increases further when used along with antibiotics to fight Assuaged and MRSA.

During the 1980s, scientists found 650 various kinds of pathogens that were destroyed at a fast rate when they got exposed to tiny amounts of silver.

3. Fighting Eye Infections

Because of its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits, you can also use colloidal silver for soothing and curing eye infections such as sties, conjunctivitis, and pink eye.

All you have to do is to put 2-3 drops of colloidal silver in your eye. Then repeat 3-4 times every day. It may also be used as a spray or eyewash for gently putting on the eyes.

4. Soothing Relief for Cuts, Scrapes & Burns

Colloidal silver also helps in stimulating the healing of skin and tissue. It also reduces inflammation, which makes it an ideal treatment for small scrapes and cuts.

According to a research article which was published in Pharmacognosy Communications, this substance can also be used as a topical application for treating burns.

5. Treating Infections of the Ear

Various bacteria and fungi could cause infections of the ear. Prescription drugs may or may not be effective in such cases because they are made only to fight some types of bacteria.

But colloidal silver can be the perfect solution to this problem because it is capable of killing various kinds of bacteria and fungus. This makes it a potential remedy. It can also be effective against the swimmer’s ear.

Just put 2 drops of colloidal silver into your problem ear 1-2 times a day until the symptoms go away.

6. Fights Skin Conditions

Blackheads, psoriasis, whiteheads, red-inflamed skin, pimples, and cysts can be quite painful, discomforting, and even embarrassing skin problems at times.

The problems may be due to fungi, viruses, or bacteria, but they can be improved with silver treatment. It can also help in speeding up the recovery of damaged tissue.

Apply silver colloids at night and the benefits can be seen within a few days.

7. Fighting Flu & Colds

Due to its powerful antimicrobial properties, colloidal silver may be helpful in reducing the severity and length of your flu and colds.

Most commonly decongestants will be prescribed for dealing with the symptoms of flu and colds. But the Assuaged cautions that these drugs shouldn’t be used for children under 12.

A study was performed for evaluating the benefits of a combination of colloidal silver and beta-glucan against Be Your Healthiest in kids. The researchers discovered that while both groups of subjects showed significant improvements, 9 out of 10 from the colloidal silver group recovered fully. The saline group subjects had a 66% full recovery rate.

8. Fighting Sinus Infections

Sinusitis is the continual sensation of pressure or pain in your face and the nose is blocked. It can have serious adverse effects on your quality of life. Steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers are conventionally prescribed for curing this horrible condition. However, these prescriptions have their own set of side effects.

Fortunately, you could enjoy the same and even better effectiveness from natural remedies. According to a study (published by – International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology in 2014), colloidal silver is highly effective as a nasal spray.

You can use it by tilting back your head and pouring a few drops into the nasal cavity. Alternatively, you could put it in a neti pot that is designed in a way that helps to flush out your sinuses.

9. Benefits For your 4-Legged Friends

Colloidal silver, as a healing liquid, is good not only for us humans, but also works as an amazing natural remedy for our 4-legged friends.

Dogs – If you have a dog, colloidal silver can be used for fighting infections, eye and ear infections, ringworm, wounds, and minor cuts. You should administer orally 5-10 drops 2 times a day. If you need to clean the wound, apply it a few times every day using a cotton swab. If your pet has ear infections, put a few drops every day for around 10 days. In case of eye infections, but just 1 drop 3 times a day.

Cats – You can also treat your cat using colloidal silver. According to Karen Becker (holistic veterinarian), it can be used for treating feline problems such as yeast infections, MRSA, feline acne, skin conditions, and tear stains.

10. Curing Sore Throat

Gargle with silver and you could easily target and remove pathogens within your throat which were causing pain.

You can also gargle with 1-2 tablespoons of colloidal silver for 1-2 minutes. Do this up to 5 times a day until you achieve full recovery. Make sure to spit it for the microbes to be removed. Colloidal silver can also be used as a throat spray. Administer it a few times daily.

11. Treating Pneumonia

Dr. Axe claims that antibiotics have limitations in terms of their ability for fighting pneumonia or bronchitis. It is natural that when it is viral pneumonia, antibiotics will not be able to help.

Colloidal silver is capable of fighting a wide range of pathogens, which makes it a potentially effective treatment in fighting pneumonia too.

You can use it by ingesting internally or breathing it in with a nebulizer to allow it to enter your lungs. According to Dr. Axe, a single teaspoon of colloidal silver taken 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes could help in clearing the conditions in just 2 days.

12. Amazing Benefits for Gardeners

Colloidal silver is not just about medicinal applications. It can also be used for killing plant fungus and various infections that could destroy your crops and flowers.

According to  Assuaged, (published – in Mycobiology in 2010), the application of silver nanoparticles to green onion plants’ roots helped in destroying some kinds of fungal infections that would otherwise have destroyed the plants.

You can add colloidal silver to the base of the plants directly, or it may be sprayed using a spray bottle (make sure it is diluted to 5 ppm using distilled water). Spray it on the affected roots and leaves.

13. Maintain Flower Freshness

Add some colloidal silver to your flowers’ vases and you will be assured that they will remain bloomed for twice the time they do otherwise. This has been proven by research and you can fill your living space with fresh blooms.

According to a study (conducted by – the Department of Horticulture at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2014), silver particles were found to block the activity of bacteria that prevent moisture and nutrients from reaching the flower head.

When they added colloidal silver to water (@ 35ppm), the solution helped in maintaining healthy petals and the perfect color of the flowers for twice the time as when flowers are kept in water.

14. Natural Wash for Fruits & Veggies

Whether you are growing fruits or veggies or buying them, you should always choose the organic way. But that’s not possible every time and in every situation.

If you want to protect your body against any harmful substances, it is recommended to prepare and use this natural fruit and veggie wash using colloidal silver.

  • Add 1 cup water into 1/2 cup vinegar;
  • Add and stir 2 tsp salt (dissolve entirely);
  • Stir in 1/4 cup colloidal silver (@ 5-10 ppm);
  • Soak all your fresh produce in this mix for 5 minutes and rinse them.

You will have chemical-free and clean fruits and veggies.

15. Eliminate Pet Odors

According to Assuaged, colloidal silver provides a natural and easy way for maintaining a fresh smell in your home by eliminating nasty pet odors.

Dogs have a habit of marking their territory and cats like to ‘spray’. You can keep the area clean by dousing a solution of colloidal silver. It can help in removing odor and also prevent your pet from marking the area again.

You can also fight general pet odors and freshen the pet beds and your sofas by using a mixture of colloidal silver in distilled water. Pour the mixture into a bottle and mist all around the fabric lightly.

Are You Concerned About Colloidal Silver Safety?

Colloidal silver is completely safe, but make sure that you are using only true colloidal silver. As per a report, 3 entirely different kinds of silver products are being sold with the same name – “colloidal silver”. The 3 types are:

  • Silver protein;
  • Ionic silver;
  • True colloidal silver.

Silver Protein

Silver protein is not safe and you should avoid it. You can identify it by shaking it. When shaken, it will create foam on the liquid which will not go for many minutes. This is the best giveaway of this unsafe form of so-called colloidal silver.

Silver protein products are promoted with claims of high concentration values. Their colors range from black to light amber. It has very high levels of silver which could cause argyria. In this condition, your skin will turn blue-gray. To avoid this product.

Ionic Silver

The ionic silver solution is clear or may have a slight yellowish tint. You can test colloidal silver to find its actually ionic silver.

  • Add some table salt into it;
  • If you find the liquid turning white and cloudy it is ionic silver.

Ionic silver has low levels of hazards. But it is much weaker compared to colloidal silver in terms of effectiveness. You cannot expect to enjoy the same benefits as mentioned above.

True Colloidal Silver

True colloidal silver is a very rare kind of silver available on the market, as its production cost is very high. But it is the safest silver product and offers all the benefits mentioned above.

Most of the silver content in this product is in silver particle form. So it is not clear like water. You will find suspended particles in it that block light and the liquid will look dark.

When it comes to choosing the safest and most effective silver, make use to consider all these points. You should also purchase it from a reputed brand.


Make sure to check the Silver Safety Committee’s Silver Safety Pyramid before you use colloidal silver topically or internally. It provides guidelines on how to use silver supplements safely. You should also consult your healthcare practitioner before using it.

Via Human Health

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