After You Read This You’ll Never Again Have Cold Feet! The Best Trick To Keep Your Feet Warm!




Feet are one of the body parts where we feel low temperatures the most. If it is very cold outside the blood flow become slower and our extremities feel the effects of this change.

It doesn’t take much time before they start becoming cooler.

After a while, the entire body feels the negative impact. Cystitis, colds, fever, kidney issues – these are only some of the problems we experience when our feet are cold.

After You Read This You’ll Never Again Have Cold Feet! The Best Trick To Keep Your Feet Warm!

So, how exactly can we balance the temperature in our feet even when it is very cold outside?

There are situations in which when we leave our office we have to wait for the bus for a very long period of time or we simply want to walk when it’s snowy.

In situations like this, even good winter boots and a pair of high-quality wool socks can keep the temperature.

After some time, we begin to experience a feeling of numbness in the toes and the cold that starts from the feet spreads all over the body.

We should point out that this issue is very common, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t solve it.

How To Warm Your Cold Feet

Now, we will share a natural method that will help you to warm your cold feet, no matter how cold it is outside.

Things you’ll need:
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pair of winter boots
  • Some reflective material (for instance, reflective material used in cars during the summer)
  • Marker pen.

Take your boot and remove the shoe insert from it and press the insert against the reflective material (sunscreen in our case). Use the marker pen to draw an outline of the shoe insert and cut that piece. Use this new, reflective shoe insert in the boot beneath the regular shoe insert. Now, you can enjoy the cold weather without worrying about cold feet.

How Does This Method Work?

The reflecting material which is the main element of this method will provide better insulation from the cold. In addition, it will help you reflect the body heat in this area. Use this method when the weather is cold and you’ll witness the results. We can guarantee that you will be glad to use it.

Via Health Care Wellness Family

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