Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!




You need some information for the upcoming events and happy moments? Well, say no more, since this is the real place to be!

Here we will analyze spirit messages. This is very easy and simple way, just choose any symbol from the table and find out what the future has to say to you. Do not overthink it, just go with the flow and the one grabbing your attention the most when you see the table.

You already picked one? Good! Now, seek for the number of the symbol and find the message that follows.
11. The number one says that you need to let go of the things that push you, and step aside to retire so that the cosmic power can lead you to the proper way.

We all know it can be a bit scary and discouraging, since you have the feeling to fight and push the way directly to your goals.

However, you need to believe in yourself and end the micromanaging since life can lead you to the next choice clearly.

2. If you choose symbol #2, you need to set some boundaries in the way you live.

The lack of constraint can very easily bring people or things in your life which will try to take advantage or control you. 

The resources you own need to work for you, but first you need to put an effort, meaning to keep the people and all daily chores closer in order to serve you higher purpose.

2. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

3. If number 3 is the symbol that grabbed your attention then relax, since your path is right. You may think that everything is shaking try to understand that it is necessary to stay like this in this moment.

The line ‘Unless you put some effort, have difficulty and experience pain, nothing in the entire world is worthed’, pronounced by Theodore Roosevelt explains the situation you are in. now, it might seem like the end of the world for you, but these tough situations will lead you to some amazing places later.

3. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

4. Forget the past. This symbol indicates that you think of the past really hard and it hurts you too much. You need to let go off whether that is a regret or love already lost and leave some time for healing. Do not let your mind play the scene over and over so that the wound gets bigger.

Try to learn a lesson and bring them with you. Focus on the bright things that follow and enjoy the present. If you have difficulties trying to forget something that bothers you too long, take a paper and write it down then burn it.

4. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!5. You work so hard, that it must pay off, so take it easy since life is making progress! Now, you can set brand new goals for the time that comes. This is a great way to achieve comfort and enjoyment. Can you think of another way to know that you already get to the goal?

Take a piece of paper and write all the aims and intentions and trust your instincts since they will lead you to them.

5. . Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

6. Do not try too hard to find the answers around you. What you really need to do is to seek inside you deeply.

Try meditation as a method of clearing the mess in your head. Connect with the universe or other high being and let yourself in the mystique world. In this way you will attract the answers you need or seek and bring them to your mind.

6. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

7. The symbol with number 7 shows that you work too hard and you definitely need a break. You leave the world to pass by you, but now this has to be changed. Go out and enjoy all the nature has to offer, plan a vacation or be spontaneous. Put aside the busy agenda and live your life to the fullest.

Yes, yes, the feeling of guilt is there whenever you think of a break. However, we are pretty sure you already earned relaxation.

7. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

8. Too much isolation is not good for you and it is time to surround with people. Maybe, at first the goal was to be alone but not isolated. However, the things have changed and you end up isolated from the world, that is why you need break.

You can connect in many ways like having deep conversations with your family or close friends. Another way is to get an animal or have a walk in the park. Reconnect with the activities you once did. The reconnection can be very useful for you, since it can provide you with the solutions you seek too long.

8. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

9. You have worked and done everything you can. This is the point when you should start enjoying the things you worked for. There are not just material things but, the knowledge, friends and experience. The hard work and many sleepless nights made many people happy, that is why now you should award yourself and enjoy the things you have earned in your life.

9. Choose A Symbol To Learn Your Message For The Future!

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Via: David Wolfe

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