Chayote Can Reduce Blood Pressure, Strengthen the Bones and Improve Memory

In different cultures, this plant has different names. For example in the Dominican Republic is called tayota, in USA pear squash or mirliton, in Hawaii, they know it like pipinola, in Australia is choko, in the Philippines sayote and in Brazil chuchu.

The scientific name is Sechidum edule. We are talking about the chayote.

Although it has different names around the world, this plant is known to be among the foods that are most rich in nutrients.

You can easily recognize this plant because it has a green color and also it is from the gourd family. It has a unique look because not on the stem, but on the opposite end it looks like a mouth without teeth of an old person.

Inside there is soft seed once you open it.

In general, the chayote has an appearance like a pear with some rough skin. It might not have an appealing look, but for sure it has a lot of benefits.

5 Reasons To Add Chayote in Your Usual Diet:

1. Brain Health

Is everybody saying that you are becoming more and more forgetful with time?

In order to improve the health of your brain, you can simply include chayote in your smoothies and juices on a daily basis.

How can this plant help? It has all the nutrients that are necessary to help to boost the function of the brain and your memory.

2. Anti-Cancer

This plant has a high amount of vitamin C. The vitamin C is said to be an efficient antioxidant crucial for the protection of the cells from the free radical that is causing cancer.

According to research, it can provide around 17 percent (RDI).

3. Bone Strength

Yes, this plant is also good for your teeth and bones. The proper nutrients found in the gourd and vitamin  K aid to strengthen the teeth and bones.

4. Blood Pressure

For efficient lowering of the blood pressure, you can consume juice that chayote  has inside.

5. Constipation

This plant can promote bowel movement that is healthy and can help the metabolism due to the fact that is rich in fiber.

Source Juicing for Health | Music Source: ContiMusic