Cannabis: The Most Important Vegetable on the Planet





Cannabis is a plant that is often related to cancer treatments today. According to Dr. Donald Abrams, head of Hematology, Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital, if people have found cannabis today in some isolated area in the world, they would have used it as part of many treatments.

However, this plant has a long history of abuse and prohibition. More than 100.000 Americans die from prescribed drugs every year. This number was confirmed by the American Medical Association.

What is even worse is the fact that medical errors that could’ve been prevented lead to more than 400.000 deaths in the United States each year. This makes preventable medical errors the 3d most frequent cause of death.

So, it is not surprise why thousands of people who live in the Western countries are looking for treatments that are natural and work together with the body, instead of cures that lead to other problems.

To put it simply, they are trying to stay away from the current medical system because of the mistakes, errors and conventional pharmaceutical drugs that seem to cause more trouble than good.

One of the plants that have proven to provide good results for patients suffering from different illnesses is cannabis.

A Long and Rich History

When someone mentions marijuana, most people think about DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or some hippie communes that smoke marijuana and don’t care about the rest of the world. This is usually what we read about marijuana in the media, but the situation was much different in the past.

People from Ancient China were well-aware of the pain relieving and mind-calming potential of marijuana, but they have rarely used it for its psychotropic properties. They have usually used it as hemp in order to produce fabric and ropes. In addition, the ancient Romans and Greeks used hemp to produce sails.

However, there were place where marijuana was used because of the psychoactive properties that it has. For instance, ancient Indians used this plant as part of their religious practices.

Marijuana becomes popular among Arabs in the Middle Ages. For example, it was used as an inebriant in Egypt and as a cure for epilepsy in Iraq. When Napoleon conquered Egypt, Europeans started using marijuana as a drug. The slave trade from Africa to America brought cannabis to the New World in Mexico and South America.

However, people from the United States were not much interested in marijuana. Anyone could use marijuana for any purpose they want until the early 20th century when the authorities accepted the Opium Act.

It is good to know that one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson said that hemp is very important for the wealth and prosperity of the United States.

Cannabis The Most Important Vegetable on the Planet

So, what went wrong?

The US Congress has rejected the recommendation of the American medical Association to give up from the Marijuana Tax Act. This act was accepted in 1937. The act practically made the use of marijuana illegal. The situation got worse in the following years. Of course, we all know that the push for legalization of marijuana in the last decade has gained a lot of support. There are many states who have legalized marijuana for medicinal uses.

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Now let’s see what kind of health benefits this interesting plant brings on next page.

A Very Important Vegetable

According to Dr. William L. Courtney, cannabis has the ability to improve the work of each of the 210 types of cells in our body. They become more effective and efficient once they are exposed to the substances found in marijuana.

Although many people will find this claim odd, but Dr. William Courtney is convinced that organic cannabis is something like a superfood. He is a physician who has spent years studying the dietary use of cannabis.

Dr. Courtney says that drying and heating cannabis, reduces its useful properties for up to 99%. On the other hand, if you use it raw, you will get all these benefits for your health. In addition, Kris Carr cannot lead to psychotropic reactions – in other words you won’t feel “high”. This is the reason why many people stay away from this plant. This also means that you can take a higher amount of cannabis and use its healthy ingredients when you take it raw without worrying about the side effects.

Essential oils called terpenes found in cannabis contribute to the creation of the specific aroma that this plant has. However, according to a study revealed in the reputable British Journal of Pharmacology they do a lot more than that. They are very versatile, pharmacologically speaking. Terpenoids are lipophilic, they interact with all cell membranes, muscle channels, neuronal channels, protein receptors, neurotransmitter receptors and enzymes.

The researches that were part of this study were focused on the effects provided by terpenes and they made several animal tests. They’ve found that limonene has the ability to boost serotonin in the area of the prefrontal cortex while dopamine had the same effect in the hippocampus area. This is the area where people protect themselves from feeling of stress and depression. In addition, this limonene trigger elimination of breast cancer cells and they also has some extraordinary scavenging properties. It is very bioavailable, non-toxic and quickly metabolized.

Myrcene is a compound found in marijuana which has proven to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and it helps people fall asleep easier. Pinene serves as a natural antibiotic and bronchodilator. It can destroy harmful MRSA bacteria. In addition, it restrains inflammation. Caryophyllene comes with anti-inflammatory and antimalarial properties and it can successfully treat duodenal ulcers. Linalool is a powerful anticonvulsant and sedative. These are only some of the varieties of terpenes found in marijuana.

How to Get the Most From Raw Cannabis?

Dr. Courtney has come up with the ideal daily dose of this plant. He recommends juicing 2 buds and 15 cannabis leaves. After that, the juice is mixed with a small quantity of vegetable or fruit juice. You should drink this mixture throughout the day. Remember that the process of juicing should be performed carefully otherwise it can lead to heat and formation of THC. Finally, Jeffrey C. Raber, Ph. D., advises taking lab tests before using marijuana in order to check its quality.

Marijuana Leaf

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