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Rick Simpson is a medical pro-marijuana activist who is always ready to educate people about the positive effects of cannabis oil.

About 12 years ago, Rick cured himself from skin cancer and ever since then he decided to spend his life advocating cannabis oil.

This is not an easy task because he has strong opponents like the Canadian authorities, government health agencies, pharmaceutical industry and even the United Nations offices.

However, this didn’t stop Rick Simpson to treat and help more than 5.000 patients for free. What is interesting is that Rick suggests that all diseases, disorders and health conditions in general can be treated with cannabis oil and this is especially true for various types of cancer where quality cannabis oil can provide amazing results.

In addition, Simpsons has helped patients suffering from various medical conditions such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, leukemia, diabetes, depression, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, asthma, insomnia, psoriasis, osteoporosis, migraines, burns, chronic pain, balance of body weight, warts, tumors etc.

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“Run From The Cure” Video Documentary

Rick’s mission was featured in a special video documentary called “Run from The Cure” made by Christian Laurette 7 years ago. The basis of this movie are the testimonies and interviews with patients who were treated with hemp oil created by Rick Simpson, but didn’t want to support him as witnesses in his trial in 2007 in the Supreme Court of Canada.

In addition, this documentary provides a good explanation about how cannabis oil works and what benefits people can expect.

Rick Simpson is telling the world that he just wants to teach people how to help themselves. He claims that orally ingested cannabis oil can easily locate and eliminate cancer cells in the system. However, even external application of this oil can be helpful because this is the best way to treat skin conditions like melanomas.

Of course, excessive cannabis oil use can lead to certain side effects. The most common side effects of excessive use of hemp oil are sleepiness, happiness and hungriness. So, even the side effects of hemp oil are much safer than those we usually see in pharmaceutical drugs used even for minor health problems. The truth is that there is no recorded case of people dying from cannabis.

Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative – Rick Simpson’s Original Recipe

In order to create the famous Rick Simpson hash oil you should take one ounce of dried cannabis. This amount will be enough to get about 4 grams of oil, but this should not be taken as a rule because the quality of strains can affect the amount of oil you get. One pound of dried herbs will provide about 2 ounces of quality oil.

Before we go into details it is good to mention that the following instructions are:

IMPORTANT: These instructions are directly summed up from Rick’s personal website. You must be cautious when boiling the solvent because the flames created in this process are flammable. Don’t smoke, produce spark or have stovetops or red hot heating elements near the place where you prepare the oil. Use a fan to remove the fumes and try to find a space with good airflow in order to prepare the oil without any problems.

  1. Take the dry herbs and put them in a plastic bucket
  2. Use a solvent to moisten the herbs. Different solvents can be used for this procedure. For example, you can use butane, naphtha, isopropyl alcohol (99%) or water. In order to extract the THC from one ounce of this herb, you will need about 500 ml of solvent.
  3. Use a stick of unprocessed wood or something similar to crush the herb material. The moisture won’t be a problem because the herb will still be very dry.
  4. Add solvent and crush the material at the same time and wait until the material is soaked well. Continue stirring this mixture for about 3 minutes. After that, the THC will transfer from the material to the solvent.
  5. Use another bucket to collect the oil mixture you got. The solid material should have about 80% less THC in it.
  6. Repeat the procedure for the second time in order to remove the remaining traces of THC.
  7. Add the second oil mixture in the bucket with the first oil mixture.
  8. Remove the “processed” herb material.
  9. Use a coffee filter to treat the solvent oil mixture and pour it in a clean container.
  10. Use a rice cooker or some similar device to boil the solvent off. Don’t use red hot elements, stove tops, cigarettes, sparks and open flames near the oil because it produces flammable fumes.
  11. Fill about 75% if the rice cooker with the solvent and use high heat mode. Remember to perform this procedure in a space with excellent air flow and keep a fan close to the cooker so you can disperse the fumes. Some of the solvent will evaporate so keep adding the rest of the solvent until there is no more solvent left.
  12. Once the level of solvent decreases for the last time, pour few drops of water (10 drops per one pound). In this way you will encourage the release of solvent remains and keep the oil safe from excessive heat.
  13. When you notice that there is about 1 inch of solvent water mixture left in the cooker, use your oven mitts to pick up the bowl and swirl the material until you completely boil off the solvent.
  14. Once the solvent is boiled off, turn the low heat mode on the rice cooker. The oil shouldn’t reach over 140 C (290 F).
  15. Use your mitts and remove the pot with the oil from the cooker. Carefully pour the oil in a clean stainless steel container.
  16. After that, put the container inside a dehydrator or place it on a simple heating device like a coffee warmer for example. Remember that it will take few hours before the process is finally finished and all the unstable terpenes and water will be removed from the oil. When you notice that the oil is completely calm you can use it.
  17. Place the oil in a plastic syringe or other suitable container. Using a syringe will help you with the dosage. The oil naturally has a consistency of thick grease and that’s how you will know if the results you got in the end are correct.

A Revolution in Modern Medicine

According to Mr. Rick Simpson, cannabis oil can revive vital organs and people feel younger in general even after a week of using this oil. Rick is convinced that the use of cannabis oil will be accepted by doctors too once enough people try and heal their problems with the help of this amazing natural oil.

He is convinced that hemp oil will revolutionize modern medicine. According to Rick, cannabis oil will save the world by eliminating all diseases. If we take a closer look at the recorded effects of cannabis oil, we believe that Mr. Simpson is not far from the truth and that his words are not exaggeration. The only problem is the public’s view on this type of medicine.

Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative

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