BREAKING NEWS: Denmark Is Set To Become World’s First 100% Organic Country




We have heard about individuals and families going completely organic, but have you heard about the latest news – there is one country that wants to become 100% organic too. The government of Denmark has declared that it will turn the agriculture in this country into sustainable and organic farming. In this way, Denmark will become the first country on our planet to become completely organic.BREAKING NEWS Denmark Is Set To Become World's First 100% Organic CountryWhat is interesting is that Denmark is already on the top list of countries that have organic products, but they are taking this practice on another level now. Namely, the government of this country has invested more than 50 million Euros last year in order to convert itself into a completely organic country. According to many experts, this is a very bold plan, but given that the country is already focused on production of organic food, the plan seems realistic.

Denmark has always been ahead of other countries when it comes to organic food. Their nation’s organic brand is 25 years old and among the first ones worldwide. It is also good to know that the export of organic food produced in Denmark has doubled eight years ago.

In order to realize this ambitious plan, the authorities will implement it in two ways. First of all, they’ll convert conventional farmland into a healthier organic farmland. Second, they will support the demand for all-natural, organic products.

The main objective is to increase agricultural land where organic techniques are practiced by 100% in the next four years. The official document where this plan is presented contains 67 points and it was prepared by a team of scientists and experts in this field.

Of course, in the first stage the land that is owned by the Danish government will be cultivated with the help of biodynamic and organic techniques. At the same time, the authorities will provide incentives and support private owners who are working and directing money in this growing sector in order to come up with new methods, ideas and technologies. This project is not focused only on veggies and fruits, livestock will be affected too, especially pigs.

But, who will implement these changes? It looks like the ministry, all regions in Denmark and even the cities will work together to achieve this goal. One of the first goals is to make 60% of the food used by the public organic. Schools, hospitals and public cafeterias will have to serve at least 60% organic food.

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