Breaking: FDA Approved Nation’s First GMO Animal for Human Consumption




After years of insufficient testing and public outrage, the Food and Drug Administration has approved nation’s first GMO salmon. This was the first GMO animal to be allowed for sale and consumption. This particular salmon is known as “frankenfish,” a type which poses many risks to consumers and threatens the salmon population.

This will be the first-ever grown GMO animal for consumption in the U.S market.

The FDA has approved the AquaBountry Technologies application for frankenfish, an Atlantic type that can grow twice as big than the farm-raised salmon.

However, both the FDA and AquaBounty carried out insufficient studies which caused some concerns about the potential dangers of the fish. The FDA review has failed because of the lack of proper analysis on how this salmon can harm consumer health.

According to the executive director of the Center for Food Safety, Andrew Kimbrell, this decision poses a serious risk to people’s health and lowers the standards of safety in this country.

The Food and Drug Administration has considered only two studies, which were submitted by AquaBounty. One of the studies was poorly conducted, and the FDA pointed out that it demonstrates “no reliable conclusions.” However, both of the studies showed increased levels of hormones and allergens in the GMO salmon.

Could you imagine the negative effects of these hormones and allergens on the people’s lives?

This salmon will be bred in Panama and then transported to the U.S for consumption. The salmon grows four times larger and faster because its fertilized eggs are injected with growth hormones.

A paper was published by the Purdue University researchers, which states the potential threats and environmental risks associated with this GMO salmon.

If such fish escapes into the wild, it might have an enormous negative impact on other fish populations.

The worst thing is that this GMO salmon won’t be labeled. The executive director of pro-GMO labeling group Just Label It, Scott Faber states that such a decision is outrageous. He claims that this approval is just another example of how FDA’s policy keeps consumers in the dark.

This decision is a major success for the GMO foods but a huge loss for the nation’s health.

This huge experiment and battle take place right on our dinner plates. So, we must disclose this situation and demand labeling of the GMO salmon.

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Image Source NY Times

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