Brad Pitt’s Words Made Millions of People Cry “Her Horrible Skinniness Hides Many Secrets”…

There’s a secret behind the worrying thinness of Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt’s story amazed and touched millions of people’s hearts. He stated that his wife is really ill. She was nervous because of various problems at work, and at home with the kids. He says she is too thin and she has lost a lot of weight because of her crying.Brad Pitt’s Words Made Millions Of People Cry: Her Horrible Skinniness Hides Many Secrets Brad continues to say that Angelina had severe headaches, lung, heart, and spine pain. She was barely sleeping and was very tired. Their marriage had almost collapsed.

He explains that at one point he could only see a dull shadow of her former beauty. His wife with dark circles around her eyes had suddenly stopped taking care of herself. And here’s when Brad thought they will separate. He had lost every hope.

Brad explains that he was on the very edge of giving it all up, but luckily he got the strength and decided that he want to make things right, because he was still feeling he had the most beautiful woman in the world beside him.

She used to be a world-wide model of a real beauty, and Brad says he is happy to have her as a wife, and to be the one who can hold her and sleep beside her.

Brad began to give her nice compliments, flowers, and kisses all the time. He was giving her surprises every day and was trying to please her in every possible way. He says he lived and still lives for Angelina, and explains how his public talks about her have actually worked.

He explains how his beautiful wife blossomed and felt like her love is even bigger than it was before, and that he has never known that Angelina is capable of loving so much.

Brad finishes his statement by saying he has finally realized that every woman is an immense reflection of her man.