Boost Your Energy and Balance Emotions with These Hand Exercises




Is the frequent feeling of nervousness affecting your daily activities?

If the answer is yes, then you should know that there is a good Japanese method that can help you find the necessary balance in your emotions and feelings, calm your nerves and it can also help you find peace in your whole body.

This technique is really simple, acts fast and it is very efficient too. The secret behind this technique is quite simple – you have to hold your fingers pressed for about one minute (check this Campbell Country Health).

Once you are done, use the other hand and perform the same procedure.

According to Japanese traditional philosophy and medicine – each of our fingers is related to some kind of emotion.

  • The index finger is related to fear;
  • The thumb can lead to nausea or elimination of its symptoms;
  • The middle finger is directly linked to anger;
  • The ring finger represents sadness;
  • The little finger is related to stress.

This Japanese technique and form of self-help is known as jin shin jyutsu. This is one of the most used forms of alternative medicine in Japan today.

Via Center Works

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