Beat Anemia in Just One Week with The Help of Nails and Apples




It is a well-known fact that anemia can lead to a number of illnesses. In case you are dealing with anemia, we encourage you to try this natural remedy that will improve the strength of your blood. Even though this old homemade remedy may look odd or even silly, the truth is that many people have confirmed that this can beat anemia, and it is very helpful.

How To Beat Anemia

First of all, take one organic apple, wash it thoroughly and dry it after that. Next, take between 10 and 12 iron nails and a small amount of copper wire (clean them with rubbing alcohol).

The copper wire is used to speed up iron absorption. Dry the nails and wire and put them in the organic apple.

Try to insert them around the apple’s stem.

Leave the apple like this for about half a day (it’s best to leave it overnight).

In the morning, remove the nails and wire and eat or drink the apple. You can do this in three different ways (choose the one that suits you the best):

  • Eat the whole apple,
  • Prepare an apple juice and drink it,
  • Grate the apple, add one teaspoon of organic honey and pour some lemon juice (made from half a lemon).

Those who have used this remedy advise people to drink/eat it before they have a breakfast.

Keep in mind that the iron nails and copper wire should be placed in a fresh apple after they are thoroughly washed late at night. The apple should stay still for 12 hours and consumed in the morning. This remedy should be taken on a daily basis in a period of one week.

Remember that it is not necessary to clean the wire and nails every time you pull them. Simply scrape the buildup on them and put them in another fresh apple right after that.

Feel free to continue with the treatment if you want, but in order to feel the positive results you must do it for at least one week.

You don’t need to be scared from tetanus and other diseases because the iron is transferred directly into the digestive system and this system has the ability to absorb it and process it. In other words, the iron doesn’t go unprocessed into our blood. Nails have the ability to oxidize inside the apple because of the high level of moisture and the specific content of apples.

Those who have struggled with anemia for a long time, say that this natural remedy is significantly safer compared to commercial iron supplements.

Finally, don’t forget that the procedure in which manufacturers produce sprayed apples is definitely less natural than this remedy that includes nails!

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