These Women Drank a Cup of Tomato Juice for 60 Days – The Results were Amazing




When we share their experience, we are sure that you will start doing the same. Scientists from many respected medical institutions agree that tomatoes are a type of superfood. In order to check their claims, experts working for the University of Taiwan made an experiment.

They have used the help of women of different origin, weight and age and asked them to drink a cup of tomato juice (250 ml) on a daily basis for 60 days.

One of the first things they have noticed after this period was that all women Your Tango. The experts have determined that the weight loss cannot be associated with excess water, but to fat reserves which is of course – great.

Scientists that were part of the experiment claim that the women who were part of this experiment didn’t change their regular eating habits or physical activity, but only after few days the results were visible.

They have also taken blood samples from all the women right before the experiment started and when it was finished.

According to the researchers, these blood samples have shown that in the end, women had lower cholesterol levels and increased amount of lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes which is good for the health.

This experiment confirmed that only one glass of tomato juice per day boost the immune system, prevents the occurrence of heart disease and reduces the chances of cancer. This tasty and refreshing drink also soothes digestion problems, encourages the elimination of excess water and prevents the occurrence of liver, pancreas, lungs and bladder diseases.

Tomato juice is excellent for the skin and has the ability to soothe coughing, protects against anemia, soothers rheumatic pain and improves the blood.

In case you had a long physical activity, take a glass of tomato juice and you won’t experience muscle pain. This is an excellent natural remedy used for muscle cramps because it is packed with magnesium (11 mg of magnesium per 100 grams).

Tomato is also rich in calcium, potassium, vegetable proteins, vitamin C and carbs. So, don’t waste your time and start drinking tomato juice today.

If you want to buy tomato juice from a store, look for organic juice because you won’t feel the same effects. The best idea is to prepare homemade tomato juice that includes 13 pounds of tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of salt and 4 tablespoons of sugar.


Take out the stems and was the tomatoes carefully in cold water. Cut them and grind them, add the salt and sugar. Next, cook at medium heat.

Stir once in a while in order to prevent burning and when it begins to boil, cook it for additional 10 minutes and stir all the time. Pour this hot tomato juice into a clean glass bottle and seal it tightly. Keep the bottles in a cool and dark place.

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