6 Ways To Stop a Migraine in its Tracks




Those who suffer with migraines understand that the symptoms aren’t just limited to headaches.

Research from Axon Optics suggests that they cause nausea, vomiting intense pain, increased sensitivity to light and sound as well as visual disturbances.

6 Ways To Stop A Migraine In Its Tracks

But thankfully, there are a few natural remedies you can try out to stop a migraine.

Stop a Migraine

1. Change Your Lifestyle

Migraines are often brought on by stress, a lack of sleep, and a poor diet. Look to reduce tension and calm yourself down whenever you feel a migraine coming on. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, try to get yourself into a proper routine and stick to it. In addition, try to eat healthier.

Cut out foods which are high in fat, sugar and chemicals, in exchange for fruit and vegetables. Also, exercise more – exercising helps to release the chemicals which can block pain signals.

2. Keep a Diary

If you keep a record of the food and drink you consume as well as the exercise which you do. Make the comparisons between days where you do get migraines and the days you don’t, and you will be able to eliminate the triggers which bring on your headaches.

3. Purchase Essential Oils

As stated above, reducing stress and tension is key to getting rid of migraine headaches. Essential oils promote relaxation and improve blood flow. The most popular oils used in this home remedy are peppermint, basil and lavender.

4. Use Ice Packs

Ice packs can be used to reduce inflammation and cool you down when you feel a migraine coming on. The ice serves as a numbing agent and will block the pain signals.

5. Turn to Herbs and Supplements

Herbs are extremely powerful and research has indicated that riboflavin and CoQ10 prevent migraines by regulating blood flow and reducing inflammation. There are other remedies too, including flax-seed and butter-bur.

6. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Migraines are typically brought on because of increased stress and tension, so finding ways to chill out and relax is a great natural way to stop them from occurring. Massages are helpful, as are exercises such as yoga and tai chi – they will make you more aware of your body and alert to early migraine symptoms.

Depression is a symptom of strong migraines, so finding the right support is important. Joining a support group or seeking counselling is a good way of boosting mental health and gaining back control of your body from awful migraine headaches.

Via Mother Earth Living

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