6 Strong Reasons You Should Never Eat Tilapia





If we are in a situation to choose between eating fish or bacon and we are worried about our health then we will most likely choose fish. This is the right choice, at least most of the time. Fish contains huge amounts of proteins; it doesn’t contain much fat and comes with several benefits for our health in general.

However, there are many different types of fish on the market and on top of that, some of them are raised in an unnatural way, so we should probably take few things into consideration before we start talking positively about every fish.

Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia?

There is no doubt that fish can be an excellent source of nutrients, but the fact is that there are some fish that can actually damage your health and it all depends on the source. You should know that fish caught in the wild is much different from fish raised or bred on a farm. There are certain farm-raised fish that are quite popular in the past two decades and some of these fish species include tilapia, salmon, catfish, sea bass, cod etc.

1. According to the latest scientific studies, farm-raised Tilapia can worsen inflammation.

One of the main reasons why people love tilapia is the fact that this fish is available in almost any store, it’s tasty and it is also cost affordable. But, what many people don’t know is the relation between inflammation and tilapia.

Latest scientific studies have confirmed that Tilapia consumption can increase the effects of inflammation, which ultimately results in arthritis, heart disease, asthma, and many other dangerous diseases. In addition, people who tend to consume more fish because they know that fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and that their content can help them prevent heart attacks should think twice before eating Tilapia. Another research conducted by a scientist from Wake Forest University shows that there are situations when tilapia and its inflammatory potential can be greater than the potential of bacon, hamburgers and junk food.

2. The level of nutrients in farm-bred feed is reduced.

As we have mentioned before, there are many people who eat fish in order to get access to omega-3 fatty acids and the positive effects of these acids for our health. But, it is good to point out that the fatty acids found in farm-bred fish are less valuable than those found in fish raised in the wild. Even the levels of protein in this type of fish are reduced. Fish raised in this way usually weigh more and have higher amounts of bad fat. They also contain more omega-6 fatty acids which and high amounts of acids of this kind can lead to inflammations.

3. Farmed fish compared to fish found in the wilderness could contain ten times more organic pollutants that cause cancer.

The main reason for that is the food these fish consume. People who have seen what farmed fish eat were disgusted. For example, poultry feces are one of the most common ingredients used in feed prepared for farm-raised fish. It is not uncommon to find pieces of duck and pig waste in their meals too.

4. Farm raised fish contain pesticides and antibiotics.

This may sound like a surprise to some people because it is hard to imagine how antibiotics can be found in fish no matter how they are raised. However, fish farms are places that are trying to use a maximum of space and often these farms are overcrowded which leads to infections and diseases. In order to keep their fish alive, workers feed fish with antibiotics just in case. This is something that they do on a regular basis. Sea lice are the reason why farm owners use pesticides. However, some of them use so strong pesticides that can even kill wild fish. The sad truth is that these pesticides reach the marine life in the end (through water).

Tilapia Featured

5. Farm-bred Tilapia and salmon has eleven times more dioxin compared to wild fish.

Dioxin is a Times of India that supports the formation of cancer and some other diseases. What is even worse is that it is hard to get rid of this chemical once it enters the body. It can live inside our bodies for more than 5 years.

6. Farm-bred mussels have six times more dibutyltin (chemical found in PVC plastic) than wild mussels.

This toxic chemical affects the immune system in a negative way and it worsens the effects of inflammation. Some scientists believe that dibutyltin is one of the main reasons why the number of people suffering from asthma is growing. They also connect this chemical with the occurrence of allergies, obesity and similar metabolic problems that seem to be growing in the past two decades. If this substance is dangerous even when you breathe it imagine what it can do if you put it inside your system through food.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the negative effects that have been related to farm-bred fish consumption. So, what does this exactly mean? The main point is that you should do some research before buying fish. You need to find out where the fish was raised. This doesn’t mean that all farm-bred fish are bad, but we certainly need to be cautious.

Finally, there is another marine animal that has proven to be even more dangerous to your health than farm-bred fish and that’s shrimp.

Source: lifehack.org

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