6 Reasons Why Ghee Is Good for You




According to Ayurveda, ghee provides many health benefits for the mind and the spirit. You can prepare ghee in a very simple manner. You just have to boil butter and then remove the butterfat. In this way, you leave behind the proteins from the whey and casein and the milk solids. The result is known as clarified butter.

If you consume it in moderate doses, you will enrich your body with a high concentration of essential nutrients which can’t be found in the butter.

Health Benefits of Ghee

The following list provides some of the important health benefits of ghee, such as:

6 Reasons Why Ghee Is Good for You

1. High Smoke Point

This oil cooks at high level of temperature and does not break into free radicals unlike any other oil. These free radicals can harm the health and when the oils reach their smoking point it can significantly harm one’s respiratory problem. In this case, ghee has a higher level of smoke than butter.

2. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Ghee abounds in conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid that fights artery plaque, carcinogens and diabetes. For this reason, ghee provides a protection against cardiovascular disease.

3. Weight Loss

When ghee is produced from grass-fed cows, it possesses a fatty acid that fights cancer and promotes weight loss.

4. Better Digestion

The intestinal bacteria convert the fiber into butyric acid which is used for intestinal wall support and energy. The author of Prescription of Nutritional Healing states that this acid is a monounsaturated one that reduces inflammations, undigested food particles, seepage and repairs the mucosal wall.

5. Reduces Cholesterol

Ghee is rich in palmitic acid that prevents clogs in the arteries. According to studies, it can lower cholesterol, both in the intestine and serum by increasing the secretion of biliary lipids.

6. Skin

It improves the skin condition, giving it purifying and glowing look. By a regular use, it moisturizes the skin in a natural way and reduces the burning of the skin, chicken pox scars and heal scars.

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