4 Surprising Health Hacks




This article explores some of the surprising ways to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether swapping animal meat for plants on your plate or adding CBD oil to your routine, there is an option to suit all budgets and needs.

The hacks listed are simple and easy to follow. You’ll be surprised you didn’t know about them before.

Health Hack 1: Plant-Based Foods

Converting your diet to wholly plant-based has been shown to drastically improve your physical and mental health.

Not only will the knowledge that you’re not responsible for causing harm to boost your mental state, but there are also specific nutrients in plants that boost our overall health. Scientists back these claims, and this simple change is the most effective available.

Plant-based foods are those which are obtained from plants. They include foods that are or are made of, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. These foods elevate your mood, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being.

For those still wanting to treat themselves occasionally to processed foods like burgers or chicken nuggets, vegan meat alternatives are better for health than processed meat from animals.

It’s important to remember that if you decide to adopt an entirely plant-based vegan diet, you’ll need to add to your diet a good proportion of foods rich in Vitamin B12.

Health Hack 2: CBD Oil

A surprising mental health remedy is CBD oil. While taken from the marijuana plant, it acts as a therapeutic solution to poor mental health, rather than as a psychoactive.

Available from Select Health, these oils have become more popular in recent years and are completely legal in most countries.

Health Hack 3: Natural Movement

Going to the gym or following a dance instructor on YouTube isn’t the only way to get your body moving. Though exercise is good for the body, an easy-to-achieve hack is to ensure you are moving at every opportunity.

Avoiding the laziest option when out of the house isn’t as hard as it sounds. Completing the harder option is simple. Always take the stairs rather than the lift at work. Take the stairs instead of the escalator at the shopping mall. Walk to work rather than drive. Nip to the shop, don’t hop in the car.

These simple changes are easy and are often time-efficient when factoring in waiting for the lift or getting stuck in traffic. Without it costing you time, ensuring you always seek the natural movement option will support short and long-term health.

Health Hack 4: Drink More Water

Drinking water seems obvious, but too many people consume too little of it. Water is the basic building block of life and drinking at least eight glasses of it a day can reduce anxiety, migraines, and UTIs.

The Bottom Line

There is a myriad of surprising hacks to improve your health, some of which have been explored in this article. Others include getting adequate sleep, making food from scratch, and taking the time to support your mental health needs.

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