17 Year Old Boy Gets Hickey From Girlfriend, Days Later He’s Dead




In Mexico, a romantic expression of love has turned to be a deadly kiss for Julius Macias, a 17 year old boy.17 Year Old Boy Gets Hickey From Girlfriend, Days Later He’s DeadHe has come home, spent a romantic dinner with his 7 year old girlfriend and died afterwards from seizure. The doctors found out that the main reason for his seizure was a coagulated blood in the brain.

According to the conducted investigation, the police revealed that Julius was given a neck’s kiss, popular as “hickey”, by his girlfriend.  It was found out that a long and deep kiss on the jugular vein in the neck caused the hickey.

Further, it caused a blocked vein and a thick mass of coagulated blood, called clot. This clot progressed through the blood to the brain and caused the stroke. Although his girlfriend has immediately called the emergency, they did not arrive on time.

His girlfriend is blamed for Marcias’ death by his parents since they had not accepted that relationship and had asked Marcias to break up that relationship. The main reason for this was that she was 24 year old and there was a significant difference in the age.

It is still unknown whether they press charges against Marcias girlfriend.

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