15 Cancer Warning Signs People Assume Aren’t Dangerous Until It’s Too Late




Individuals who have ancestors that had cancer or a living family member with cancer issues are very cautious and they are checking for cancer signs and symptoms all the time. In addition, they have regular visits to the doctor’s office, monitor their health and apply measures of prevention.

But, the fact is that a huge number of people disregard a few signs because they think that they are not dangerous. Most people focus on the signs and symptoms of just a few types of cancer, but the truth is that there are many different kinds of this vicious disease. By learning more about these signs we can protect our health and our lives.

15 Common Cancer Symptoms and Signs That People Don’t Notice

As you are probably aware, each type of cancer comes with specific symptoms and signs and their intensity depends on the place where the cancer occurs and the stage. Yet, it turns out that there are certain signs and symptoms that most types of cancer share.

The majority of them are linked to the body’s reaction to foreign organisms. This a list of 15 signs that indicate the presence of cancer in our body even though people usually think that they are harmless.

1. Digestive problems

Cancer located in the lower digestive tract might lead to reoccurring episodes of constipation, diarrhea and changes in stool size. Pain in this area is another sign.

2. Urinating Issues

If you go to the bathroom more than normally or if you experience pain when you are urinating, this might be an indication of the presence of bladder or prostate cancer.

3. Sores

It turns out that sores can also be a sign of different cancers like skin cancer, oral cancer and genital cancer. If there is any sore area on the body, talk to your doctor ASAP.

4. Bleeding

There are a few different types of cancer that lead to bleeding. The type of cancer determines the area where this bleeding comes from. For example, bloody discharge, bloody urine or bloody stool or even coughing up some blood are frequent signs of different cancers.

5. Thickening or Lumps

If there is a new lump on the body or your existing lump has changed radically in appearance and size, consult your doctor. It is good to know that a few different kinds of cancer have been associated with tumors and growths visible on the skin.

6. Indigestion

Indigestion is a problem that can occur for many different reasons and that’s why doctors often have problems to set the right diagnosis. But, in many cases, this is a sign of upper digestive tract cancer. Swallowing problems and constant stomach ache are some other signs of cancer.

7. Mole or Freckle Changes

Literally every change you notice in the shape, size or color of moles and freckles can be a sign of cancer. Talk to your physician whenever you notice some unusual change.

8. Fast Hair Growth

Fast hair growth has been associated with a few other health issues, so this doesn’t mean that you are dealing with skin cancer. If you notice that your hair is growing fast or that there is something strange going on with your hair, talk to your doctor as soon as possible because these changes often indicate cancer.

9. Changes to The Skin

Let’s be clear, changes to the skin can be related to many other things not just cancer. Yellow, reddened or even darkened skin, are some of the possible signs of cancer.

10. Pain

If there is a persistent pain present in any part of the body and the pain doesn’t stop after a long period of time, like back pain or headaches for example, this might be a sign of a few different types of cancer. Obviously, the location of the pain usually indicates the type of cancer. In any case, every chronic pain should be taken seriously.

11. Fever

Although fever is frequently related to immune system cancers, it can also signal the presence of few other cancers.

12. Rapid Weight Loss

If you are not using any special diet, medications or you have not implemented some drastic lifestyle changes, but you are losing weight rapidly, this might be a sign that you have cancer. The vast majority of cancer patients experience rapid weight loss.

13. Coughing

Scratchy throat or chronic coughs are signs of lung cancer or throat cancer. Talk to your doctor in case the cough won’t stop for a relatively long period of time.

14. Atypical Lymph Nodes

Although the human body is packed with lymph nodes, the presence of uncomfortable, swollen and tender lymph nodes requires immediate medical attention.

15. Fatigue

In the end, fatigue can indicate many different health conditions including cancer because the immune system’s work leads to fatigue. There are certain types of cancer that lead to blood loss and this situation results in fatigue. Visit your doctor’s office in case you are tired all the time.

Final note: Look for medical help in case you experience any of the signs and symptoms described in this article. As we all know, fast reaction is very important because it might help you heal this vicious disease before it becomes incurable. When cancer reaches certain stage, it is very difficult to deal with it.

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