The 12 Early Warning Signs of Dementia Every Woman Should Know




Dementia does not affect only those who suffer from it but also the other people around them. The one who suffers does not suffer alone.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this terrifying disease. However, an early detection of this disease can truly make a difference in slowing down its progression.

The 12 Early Warning Signs Of Dementia Every Woman Should Know

How do you know it is dementia?

Dementia gives certain apparent signs that are very important for an early treatment of the disease.

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Certain symptoms of dementia such as losing track of time and forgetfulness look like common habits because many people experience them from time to time. They may happen to everyone as a result of hormonal changes and stress.

If you realize that these symptoms occur quite often than normal, with someone you know, you will be of great help.

If you notice some of these warning signs in someone you know, please speak up.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia includes some of 100 types of mental disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease and many others. It is an united term for all the incurable and degenerative mental disorders, characterized with a mind breakdown.

However, 50-70% of dementia cases are in the form of Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Short Term Memory Problems

Most people experience such problems from time to time but if you notice you are forgetting more often than usual, this could be a leading sign of dementia.

People who face short-term memory problems can recall what happened many years ago but are not able to recall what they did the previous day.

2. Difficulty Choosing Words

The inability to recall words is an important sign of dementia.

It happens when the speaker looks for a word but he is not able to find it. It doesn’t have to be some specific word but some that is used many times a day.

This symptom indicates problems with the language centers in the brain that will cause less frequent and more frustrated conversations.

3. Mood Changes

An important symptom of dementia is a sudden change in the mood. This may be a result of the stage of depression that many patients go through as well as unexpected and sudden changes which are not related to anything at the moment.

4. Feeling Lethargic

The state of depression that the people with dementia experience can also manifest as lethargy. They may lose interest in their hobbies, going out or meeting friends.

Lethargy shouldn’t always indicate dementia but may be a sign of depression. But if you notice this symptom along the other ones, it is definitely dementia.

5. Problems with Concentration

Dementia affects the level of concentration, especially when it is necessary to solve some problem or to make some plans.

People with dementia find it difficult to plan something or follow some plan. They also have difficulties dealing with numbers.

6. Everyday Chores Become Suddenly Difficult

People with dementia can find ordinary tasks as suddenly confusing or impossible to be completed. They can drive to a place many times or remember the order in which a certain task is performed.

7. Trouble Understanding Time

People with dementia are not able to measure time, so hours, days even years are all the same for them. The whole passage of time stops for them are they are not able to distinguish it.

So, if you notice that some person doesn’t distinguish the aspects of time, their understanding of time has been altered.

8. Having Trouble Remembering Where You Are

Just like the problem with the aspect of time, the aspect of place can be a real challenge.

So, people with dementia find it hard to recognize the place, even though it may be a familiar one nor they remember how they got there.

9. Difficulty Writing

Writing can also be a problem for those people with dementia because they find it hard to complete a whole sentence. So, do not expect from them to write a card or send an email because it can be a really hard and frustrating task.

10. Repeating

One of the leading signs of dementia is the act of repeating something.

So, these people can tell you something many times, ask you the same question or repeat some task they have already completed.

11. Sudden Fear of Change

In the early stages of dementia, people are aware and terrified of the changes in their mind. For that reason, they can resist doing some routines for fear of forgetting what they were about to do or to become disoriented.

12. Trouble Following Storylines

People with dementia find it hard to follow something in a series of steps or developments such as some book or a movie. It’s dementia that lowers the concentration and focus, thus making the steps hard to follow.

What You Should Do If You Notice Some of These Signs?

Sadly, there is no cure for dementia up to now.

However, the progress of the disease can be prevented by an early diagnosis of the disease and a suitable treatment.

The right support, can manage the terrible effects of dementia.

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