Get Rid of These 10 Toxic Chemicals Present in Your Home

There are over 80.000 untested chemicals with potential risk to your health, that are being used all over the world. For many of them, it is known to be hazardous for human health and yet they still circulate in the market places.

These 10 chemicals are extremely dangerous and can become a serious hazard for one’s health and for the health of the offspring. You should avoid them as much as possible!

10 Toxic Chemicals Present in Your Home

1. DEET (Dietiltoluamid) is an active compound in most of the anti-insects sprays. Most people are using repellents with this compound that has proven to be a serious health hazard for the central nervous system. Fortunately, there are anti-insects repellents based on natural ingredients.

You can also use candles with ethereal oil from eucalyptus or citronella to get rid of the mosquitoes.

2. GLYPHOSATE is the most used herbicide in the world. It is related with birth defects, DNA disorders, hormonal disorders, cancer and neurological disorders.

You must get rid of this silent killer once and forever. There are safe and natural substitutes like vinegar.

3. PHTHALATES is one of those chemicals mostly found in air refreshments, plastic wrapping, toys, and many cosmetic products. It also can be found in many gardening products like the wood protectors. Phthalates can cause massive damage to the endocrine system, which can later become a cause reproductive and neurological damage. Phthalates are first reason for premature menopause among women and male infertility.

Get rid of plastic cups, spoons and bottles. Avoid products in plastic wrappings and cheap Chinese toys.

4. BISPHENOL A (BPA) is being found in many objects for daily use such as children’s bottles, CD boxes and food and drink packaging. Scientists have connected BPA with heart diseases, diabetes and liver abnormalities, as well as with brain development problems and hormonal problems among children and pregnant women.

Therefore, buy only BPA-free plastic with recycle codes 1, 2 or 5, because codes 3 and 7 probably contain BPA or Phthalates.

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5. POLYBROMINATED DIPHENYL ETHERS (PBDE) are inhibitors for many lung diseases, related with hormonal disorders, cause for cancer and they are being used in domestic and electrical equipment. Tests have proven that 96 percent of pregnant women have these toxic chemicals in the blood. When you decide to buy new furniture, always ask the manufacturer which type of inhibitors they are using.

Toxic Chemicals Present in Your Homes

6. PERFLUORINATED CHEMICALS (PFCS) are used the cooking dishes production (Teflon) and stain resistant fabrics. PFCS can cause rare fetus diseases and cancer. Tests have shown that there are high levels of PFCS in the milk of young mothers. Instead of Teflon dishes, use stainless steel dishes and avoid stain resistant fabrics.

7. PERCHLOROETHYLENE (PERC) is a chemical substance that is being used in chemical cleansing process and it is forbidden in Canada and Europe. PERC has a toxic influence on the liver, kidneys and central nervous system and certain researchers have found it to cause cancer. Nowadays, there are so-called green cleansing products without any chemical ingredients.

8. FORMALDEHYDE is one of the most toxic and most commonly used chemicals that can penetrate in your body. It is being used among the carpenters, soap, cosmetics, building materials, detergents and glues. Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic, carcinogen and it has been marked as one of the main causes for getting cancer. In order to reduce Formaldehyde exposure, buy wooden furniture, use natural cosmetics and if you are building a house, first find out everything you can about the building materials.

9. TRICLOSAN is antifungal agent used in production of soap. These kind of soaps can offer an effective bacterial resistance by creating super-bacteria, resistant to antibiotics. When Triclosan is mixed with chloroform from the water, new, toxic and highly hazardous chloroform is forming. So, start using natural alternatives instead of antibacterial soaps.

10. CHLOR and AMMONIA are deadly chemicals, often used in domestic cleansing products, especially for toilet and oven cleaning products. It has been discovered that Chlor side effects are 300.000 times more cancerous than the chemical pesticides – DDT. You can replace these and use natural and harmless cleansing products like sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice and Castilian soap.

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