10 Signs Indicating that Your Partner no Longer Loves You, Never Let the # 9




The small everyday details can tell if your partner loves you the same way as before. Although you might realize the opposite, that s/he no longer loves you, it’s better to know rather than ignore these little signs.

By knowing the true feelings of your partner, you have higher chances to save your relationship or save yourself from such a relationship.

Don’t ignore the following ten signs that will help you realize the true feelings of your partner.

1. Doesn’t Demonstrate His/Her Love as Before

If your partner constantly tries to impress another person, while ignoring you, it’s likely that his/her love is over. In such situations, the best thing is to focus on yourself and move on.

2. His/Her Mind is Always Somewhere Else

You can easily spot this sign. If your partner is always thinking about something else while with you, it’s time to have a serious talk and decide what’s best for both of you.

3. Nothing to Talk About

If your partner doesn’t show interest in your life, and you don’t have common topics for conversation, you are no longer interested in each other. Our advice is to go separate ways.

4. Always blaming you for everything

If this is the case, and your partner is constantly blaming you for pretty much everything that happens, the best thing for you is to leave her/him.

5. Not Supporting Each Other

If you notice your partner can’t stand being around you, mistreats you, s/he is annoyed by you, and anything you do is not good enough for her/him, it’s best to move on and find someone that deserves you.

6. Excuses for not Being at Home

If your partner is always working, traveling, going on business trips, drinking or playing games with his/her friends, and not taking you with him/her, s/he probably doesn’t love you anymore and has another person in his/her life.

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7. S/he Doesn’t Include You in Her/His Plans

If your partner is always blaming you for not being able to realize her/his dreams because of you and has plans for the future that don’t include you, it’s best to leave her/him and go separate ways.

8. Disrespectful towards You

Repairing a relationship where one of the partners remembers only the bad moments of the relationship, and forgets about all the happy moments is not worth it. The best thing is to end such a relationship.

9. Doesn’t Bother to Give Explanations

If your partner refuses to give you explanations about anything s/he does, s/he has probably stopped considering you as part of her/his life, and therefore s/he thinks s/he doesn’t owe you an explanation. In other words, you don’t matter to her/him! So, why being with such a person? End the relationship and move on.

10. Hurting and Hating Yourself

The constant mistreating, cheating, and lying of your partner is hurting you, and thereby making you feel frustrated, depressed, and even hateful towards yourself.  You must realize that at this point her/his love is over! The best thing for you is to leave such a partner as s/he doesn’t deserve you.

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