What Women really Like – Mystery

What women really like about men is a mystery.

Now you find out what women want in every person with whom they become intimate.

Latest research has shown that women like/dislike:

  • Smile: yes, they want cheerful men, but prefer self-confident and serious-faced men better;
  • Beautiful teeth: if he smiles, she wishes him to have nice and pearly white teeth;
  • A father-figure-like guy; absolutely untrue! Women hate partners that have characteristics like their male parent;
  • Dancing; woman like man that will teach them dance, not men that need to be taught how to dance;
  • Red; although red is more appropriate for women, women feel attracted by men in red;
  • Macho-men; dear macho-men, I will have to disappoint you. Women say that this type of men are not part of the latest fashion. Women nowadays prefer gentlemen. Dear gentlemen, enjoy your time.

Macho Man