3 Stretches That Un-Slouch Your Back

Today, majority spend a lot of time hunching over a computer or sitting at a desk, and you might be just one of them. However, this is very bad for your back, neck, and your overall posture in so many ways. It’s essential you do series of stretches at least few times per week, especially if you feel tight in your shoulders and chest.

Doing stretches will help you loosen up, and in this post, you’ll see three simple, yet very helpful stretches that will help you achieve that. All you need to have is a doorway, and about 2 minutes, provided that you spend around half a minute for each stretch.

These stretches will help loosen the muscles you tend to tighten throughout the entire day. They are also great for lower back pain relief.

1. Walk Out

Hold onto a doorframe with your shoulders, elbows, and wrists in line to see how tight your shoulders are. Slowly walk forward so that your body is out of the doorframe, keeping your arms at place the whole time.

Walk forward as far as comfortable, making sure you’re not straining anything, and stay here for half a minute.

2. T-Press with Lunge

Do the same movements as in the first stretch, but now lunge the right leg out in front of you when moving forward. Your neck should remain in line with your spine throughout the whole exercise. You’ll get more stretch by further leaning your body out over your right leg.

Lengthen your back leg while keeping the heel pressed into the ground for an additional stretch for your calf. Repeat the whole stretch with the other leg.

3. Hanging Shoulder Stretch

Before beginning this exercise, warm up and loosen your shoulders. Hold onto the doorframe as in the previous stretches, but this time you can change the height of your arms. You can play with it by going low into an upside-down ‘V’ position, in a level ‘T’ position, or a above your shoulders in a ‘Y’ position.

In the next step, you have to be careful how far you lean, as you’ll need your strength to pull your body back up. As you walk out of the doorway make sure you hold on tight, and then lean forward until your arms are straight. Your core should be pulled in throughout the whole exercise. Also, don’t forget to breathe!

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