She Pours Red Goo On A Baking Sheet… I Had No Idea This Was Even POSSIBLE!

Forget about cookies and milk!

If you want a super healthy snack for your kid’s school lunch, replace the fruit snacks you buy from stores with these homemade fruit roll-ups.

She Pours Red Goo On A Baking Sheet… I Had No Idea This Was Even POSSIBLE!

Since this healthy snack is very simple and easy to prepare, it’ll be especially convenient to parents who don’t have much time creating interesting snacks for their children every day.

The great part about this tasty and healthy snack is that it requires just 2 ingredients.

Moreover, by preparing these delicious roll-ups you’ll no longer have to buy different packaged brands from stores, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

In the video below, one mother is demonstrating the preparation of fun and easy fruit-roll-ups for children.

She says the only ingredients you’ll need are fruit and honey.

Since this snack is completely natural and without additives, the mom in the video says it’s excellent for children and it will make you feel a better parent. She makes a puree from 3 cups of fruit using a food processor, and then she adds honey.

Afterwards, she takes a cookie sheet and pours the prepared mixture on it. She bakes the mixture for a few hours, and that’s it. For practical usage, she cuts the baked mixture in strips and rolls them.

Your kids can now enjoy this delicious, healthy snack, and so can you.

Via Little Things