15 Embarrassing Things That You Will Have to Tell Your Future Husband You Need

6. Making love…a lot of it

Most women love kids, so yes, they want many babies. While it is true that passion fades a little bit overtime (this is especially true when you already have children), but the feeling of physical connection should not stop. Women want to be viewed as attractive all the time. If they are appreciated enough they will make efforts to take care of themselves and their husband too.

7. Accepting the fact that they use many beauty care products

It is not unusual for women to have several shampoos, hair conditioners, nail polishes in different colors, many lipsticks etc. This is something that men should understand and accept as natural (although it probably isn’t).

8. Telling them that they are not fat

Most women will probably increase their weight overtime, but this doesn’t mean that husbands need to remind them about that. There is a more gentle way to say that and compliments work better than critics. Women appreciate that.

9. Accepting the fact that women cry when they watch movies

There is nothing embarrassing about that. This doesn’t make them weak or desperate. They are just very emotional when the movie is sad.

10. Being straightforward

If there is one thing that all women don’t like, that’s sugarcoating and avoiding the truth. Men should always tell their opinion when they are around the woman. They need to express their feelings and emotions too. Sharing things increases the bond.

11. Planning date nights

Being in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that the date nights are over and that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Sure, staying home is great, but going on a dinner once in a while can be fun too. Selecting even one day in a week for this purpose should be okay.

12. Having a mother who likes them

Women want to be accepted by their future husband’s mother. They don’t have to be best friends, but they need to feel positive vibes whenever they are around their mothers. This is something that men can encourage.

13. Being passionate

If the spark in anyone’s life is lost, then something is wrong. Women love men who are passionate about the things they do. This doesn’t mean that they can forget about them, but being dedicated to something else for a certain period of time is fine.

14. Being around

It’s not that women are jealous or insecure, but it is better to stay around or at least remind them that you’ll get back when you are not around.

15. Sharing the love

Women need to feel loved and adored. Every woman dreams about a life in which she will feel loved for the rest of her life, not just the first month of her relationship. Many women complain that their partners don’t make them feel loved and this is especially true for those who are married for a long period of time. Men should share their emotions and make their partner feel fully, truly, sincerely and unconditionally loved. They surely know how to express their love, so in return they expect the same. This is the recipe for long-lasting love and for founding a family that will grow healthy (emotionally and physically) children.

Via Your Tango

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