Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again by Switching to This Natural 2-ingredient Mixture

All of us have a high expectation from the laundry detergents such as fresh scent, clean and white laundry, but in fact they can provoke many hazardous side effects. The University of Washington has conducted a study about the content of the laundry detergents.

One of the leading researchers, Anne Steinemann, pointed out the enormous quantity of toxic substances inside the detergents.

Never Buy Laundry Detergent Again by Switching to This Natural 2-ingredient Mixture

She was surprised how toxic were the chemicals used in such kind of detergents. According to Steinemann, there was more than one hundred of volatile organic compounds that evaporate from these products and none of them is found on any product label. The Environmental Protection Agency points out some of the compounds that are emitted are highly carcinogenic air pollutants.

The hazardous properties of these detergents have made many people try some more natural ways of cleaning. One of the most effective solution from those identified, was the white vinegar. It is a far more effective product than all the chemical detergents full with toxins.

The Advantages Of The White Vinegar For Laundry

The exact quantity of water and vinegar make the perfect mixture for clean laundry, because:

  • The sweat and deodorant stains can be removed thanks to the acidity of white vinegar, even if you wash it with cold water. All you need to do is apply some vinegar directly on the stain before you wash it.
  • It possesses softening properties and can be used as clothes softener. The clothes will be softer and smoother and the environment will be protected. For this means you can use half a cup of vinegar.
  • The well-known combination of vinegar and salt is not only a delicious combination for fish and chips but it can serve as an antibacterial means for clothes. Any bacteria found on your clothes will be removed thanks to a half cup of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt.
  • One side effect of the chemical detergents is a skin irritation caused by the residue left on your clothes. A half cup of white vinegar will clear away all of the residue.
  • The main usage of detergents is because we fear the natural solutions won’t remove the odors. This is white vinegar’s specialty, it fights odors even on your socks and trainers.
  • It is very useful for wine, coffee and grease stains. A half a cup of white vinegar and hot water will remove all of the stains just leave the clothes in this combination overnight.
  • The white vinegar will also remove all the pet hairs and the general fuzz from our clothes. Just apply a standard half cup of vinegar and the hairs will be gone.
  • The white vinegar will save you from static shocks, the unfavorable situation in washing clothes.
  • For all of those delicates and hand wash clothes use 6 tablespoons of vinegar and cold water and soak them for an hour. Then simply scrub them and there would be no stains left.
  • The white vinegar is an effective means against limescale. For this reason, do not use strong chemicals that provoke even greater damage, but clean your washing machine with one cup of white vinegar.

The clean laundry takes an essential part in our health. For that reason what you can do at first is to replace all of those expensive and hazardous products with a more natural and cheaper liquid, the white vinegar. The laundry will not only cost you less, but your clothes will be cleaner and safer for your skin.

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