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Is Your Blood Sugar High? Magnesium Can Help

Magnesium represents the fourth most abundant mineral contained in your body. It has great importance in many biological processes as shown by the research that GreenMedInfo has done. There are as many as 3,751 magnesium-related sites on human proteins. For instance, magnesium is a great purifier against many kinds of toxins and heavy metals. It […]

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8 Ways to Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms

For those who are prone to allergic reactions, during specific periods of each year they cannot help but feel headaches, have their eyes water, or their sinuses congest. So, it is no wonder that they turn to unhealthy medications just to relieve those symptoms. But why do that when there are perfectly natural ways to […]

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Reduce Your Back Pain and Relieve Stress with These Simple Self-Massage Techniques

Alternative medicine certainly holds its place in the modern health-keeping. One of the alternative medicine techniques, bodywork, is sure to relieve many types of aches. It’s all about breathing exercises, massage techniques, joint and muscle stimulation. They create a healing energy which in turn promotes a healthier body. This time around, we will discuss a […]

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